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19 Aug 2016

Creative Content Can Make All The Difference

Video content, as we’ve seen, has continued to be utilized as a tool to communicate messaging objectives through web-based and social media platforms. We’ve come to learn that it isn’t enough for companies to rely on traditional marketing tactics anymore. Many brands are searching for new ways to innovate their content marketing strategy and strive to connect with their audience in a heart-felt way. One solution that we’ve noticed trending is brand sponsored creative content.

Brands are investing in collaborative efforts between key influencers, brand ambassadors, publishers, and so on to help tell their stories. They’re digging deeper into what people care about in their daily lives, and how they can be apart of those moments, and how they can ignite some sort of change. Finding out what your audience is receptive to, what those feelings and emotions trigger, will help you figure out how to create content that will grab their attention.

A brand leading the outdoor industry in producing this type of creative content is Patagonia. The documentaries they’ve produced over the last few years have a couple key components that make it stand out amongst the competition. For starters, they have a mission-based culture that supports their long-lasting values of outdoor sports and environmental activism. They are able to reinforce their social responsibility by telling these different stories, uncovering social problems, and seeking ways to improve them. It not only builds trust and brand loyalty, but it is building a community around cause.



Another key component is having a deep-rooted and strong relationship with non-profits. Being interconnected with organizations that are actively improving and making changes in the world shows that your company is also taking action to directly support their efforts. You’re able to reach people on a deeper level and build a relationship with them because you know what is important to them. You’re taking out any traditional type advertising and brand promotion, and focusing on what really matters. Social good.

Probably the biggest piece to creating “branded” documentaries is having a compelling and authentic narrative. Subjects that are sharing their stories, their passions, and their goals are showing “everyday” life and the feelings and moments that we can all relate to. Through these narratives, brands are building a personal and emotional connection with their audience. The brand is identifying with these people and it makes them more approachable. These subjects are people that are living the brand lifestyle and exemplify what the brand stands for in their own unique ways.

Having these combined elements to produce creative content can impact the way that your brand is seen. You’re reaching your audience on a deeper level, reinforcing your social responsibility, supporting local efforts, and igniting a call to action. Creative content is a powerful resource for brands to implement in the marketing strategy. It can make all the difference.


Author: Ellen Crossley

Photo: Alvaro Araujo Alcalde

Published 8/19/16

01 Jul 2016

The World of 360º Video

With YouTube and Facebook’s announcement for the release of a Live-Streaming 360 video platform, both Tech giants are taking huge strides towards an emulated virtual reality experience, pushing interactivity one step further. 360 Video has been around for over a decade, until recently the demand, quality and cost of such videos have been unmatched next to their 16:9 counterparts. With advancements in technology combined with the many VR products available for consumers companies are finding out that 360 videos are in high demand.


YouTube’s 360 Channel has everything you can imagine to immerse yourself, from Space Exploration to Horror Films (No idea why you’d want to do that) – And with creative, the sky is no longer the limit! 360 videos are not genre exclusive, creative and journalistic media are pushing it one step further incorporating 3D animation, dynamic camera movements and spatial audio into 360 video to tell their stories in a different way with an added layer of production value.


With this in mind, Siren Vid anticipates more brands, across many different industries, utilizing 360 video in their content marketing strategies moving forward. The internet is no longer a flat space, by utilizing 360 videos you can give your audience a whole new experience to your product or service.  Real Estate has a long history of still photo virtual tours for both residential and commercial listings. With the advances in 360 video, and the significant increase in image quality, the market finally has a product that will reflect the premium feeling that is aligned with real estate professionals advertising campaigns. We for see the 360 virtual tour helping the Tourism, Travel, Construction, Education, Training, Outdoor, Government and many other industries at large, especially as more businesses become web-based. Many consumers today are “plagued” with wanderlust and 360 video will allow for viewers to have new experiences and interact in destinations around the Globe.



For the Outdoor industry, 360 video is perfect for showcasing how their products work in the environments they were designed for. Putting your target audience in the driver’s seat for a virtual adventure that has shopability integrated is a no-brainer.


In the Venn diagram of Entertainment and Advertising, 360 video is at the cross-section. More and more consumers are no longer engaging in traditional advertising, and 360 videos provide brands with a new way to entertain and expose consumers to their products and services. If you’re looking for advice on how 360 video can take your business to the next level, get in contact with us today!


Author: Jessie Davis

Photo: “Shot by Charles” via Unsplash

Published: 7/1/16


18 May 2016

“Eat, Drink, Shine”

Behind the Scenes at the “Eat, Drink, Shine” Shoot.

The Blissful Sisters, triplets Jennifer, Jill, and Jessica, brought such light to the shoot for their debut cookbook “Eat, Drink, Shine”. The power trio has made a mark on the food industry, both in their Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place, as well as their home kitchens. Their passion for food comes from their Italian roots, making health, community, and celebration a mission in their daily lives.

Time with the women on set was natural. Jennifer, Jill, and Jessica are full of laughs, while staying true to their passion in promoting healthy living. They thrive off of good energy and well-being, serving wholesome Paleo, vegan, and vegetarian dishes while remaining both Gluten-Free and GMO-Free. During our time with them, they prepared their version of Cauliflower Fried Rice, made entirely of local veggies and irresistible flavor. The meal is simple, quick, and a family favorite – only one of many in “Eat, Drink, Shine”.

Through our time spent with the women, it is evident that “Eat, Drink, Shine,” is more than a cookbook. With a beautiful book packed full of organic, wholesome, and delicious recipes, Jennifer, Jill, and Jessica enlighten their readers with sisterhood stories, healthy living tips, and contagious energy. The Blissful Sisters are bursting with passion to make healthy both taste, and feel good.

To learn more about the Blissful Sister’s story or their recent cookbook, head over to shineboulder.com

“May our sisterhood continue to give us the courage, the reflection, and the unconditional love to dive deep and live beyond our wildest dreams.” 


Author: Katie Kimball

Published: 5/18/2016