The World of 360º Video

With YouTube and Facebook’s announcement for the release of a Live-Streaming 360 video platform, both Tech giants are taking huge strides towards an emulated virtual reality experience, pushing interactivity one step further. 360 Video has been around for over a decade, until recently the demand, quality and cost of such videos have been unmatched next to their 16:9 counterparts. With advancements in technology combined with the many VR products available for consumers companies are finding out that 360 videos are in high demand.


YouTube’s 360 Channel has everything you can imagine to immerse yourself, from Space Exploration to Horror Films (No idea why you’d want to do that) – And with creative, the sky is no longer the limit! 360 videos are not genre exclusive, creative and journalistic media are pushing it one step further incorporating 3D animation, dynamic camera movements and spatial audio into 360 video to tell their stories in a different way with an added layer of production value.


With this in mind, Siren Vid anticipates more brands, across many different industries, utilizing 360 video in their content marketing strategies moving forward. The internet is no longer a flat space, by utilizing 360 videos you can give your audience a whole new experience to your product or service.  Real Estate has a long history of still photo virtual tours for both residential and commercial listings. With the advances in 360 video, and the significant increase in image quality, the market finally has a product that will reflect the premium feeling that is aligned with real estate professionals advertising campaigns. We for see the 360 virtual tour helping the Tourism, Travel, Construction, Education, Training, Outdoor, Government and many other industries at large, especially as more businesses become web-based. Many consumers today are “plagued” with wanderlust and 360 video will allow for viewers to have new experiences and interact in destinations around the Globe.



For the Outdoor industry, 360 video is perfect for showcasing how their products work in the environments they were designed for. Putting your target audience in the driver’s seat for a virtual adventure that has shopability integrated is a no-brainer.


In the Venn diagram of Entertainment and Advertising, 360 video is at the cross-section. More and more consumers are no longer engaging in traditional advertising, and 360 videos provide brands with a new way to entertain and expose consumers to their products and services. If you’re looking for advice on how 360 video can take your business to the next level, get in contact with us today!


Author: Jessie Davis

Photo: “Shot by Charles” via Unsplash

Published: 7/1/16


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