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08 Oct 2015

5 Important Things to Remember for Women Entrepreneurs

“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion” -David Icke

This quote rings true in many aspects of my life, but sometimes it can be hard to grasp through the weekly grind of work. I think it’s important to reflect on your accomplishments & strifes, see what works & doesn’t, and really understand what it is you’re doing in this world. At the end of the day, it should be something that you love & that you are passionate about.

There were a lot of recurring and common themes that I gathered from our experience at Denver Startup Week, loving what you do being a very prevalent one. It makes a huge impact and determines a lot of things in the way you work & live your life. We heard a lot of great panels & met some pretty incredible people that have started or are in the same spot as we are.

However, the women highlighted panels we attended (Women Who Launch, Women Who Startup Summit & Women Makers in the Sporting World)… blew us away! They were chalk filled with awesome women who are doing it all, they gave some great insight that every entrepreneur should know.

1. Have Confidence

The old saying still stands true, confidence is key. I don’t know if that will ever be proven otherwise, because in any circumstance confidence can carry you a long way. It’s the ability to be able to carry yourself, speak up, express your ideas & emotions, and ask for things. It can feel a little uncomfortable or intimidating at first, but we’ve got to stop suppressing the idea that we can’t do it. We all have it in us. Displaying self-confidence is something we should be integrating into all aspects of our lives, it is an important part of the equation to success. Believing in ourselves & our abilities and being able to communicate that to others fuels our confidence to be able to accomplish anything we set our minds to.

2. Create your Ecosystem

Some call it balancing, while others have referred to it as congruence. We all know the feeling of being pulled in different directions; work and life being the oppositions. I look at it as an ecosystem- something that is both internal and physical & that depends on each part to work together. The key is to finding what works best for you. Knowing your strengths and limitations, goals and expectations, hopes and fears- I believe this leads you to creating your own ecosystem and being able to listen to yourself & knowing what makes you happy and how to achieve that.

3. Celebrate your Successes

We often get caught up in moving on to the next thing coming up, and we forget to celebrate our own successes. We shouldn’t be shy about expressing our excitement, it’s something we all deserve to feel good about. Whether it was reaching a new goal, or scoring a new project we should share these moments because it’s what pushes us to move further and do it again. Those successes all start to add up! AND it’s okay if there are mess ups along the way… guaranteed there will be. That’s also an opportunity to reflect on what works & doesn’t work, and get there the next time around!

4. Take the Plunge

Any business that I’ve known has started from that jumping off point and going all in. It’s following your passions and making that commitment to transform your idea into a business. There’s all the necessary risks to get to you that point, but it also comes with being prepared. Running your own business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and energy to research and understand how you’re going to fit in. Knowing the ins and outs, nooks and crannies of the industry and aspects of running a business are essential to being successful. Grace, grit, humility are key components- you’ve got to have the confidence & knowledge, the hard work & determination, and the humbleness & curiosity to run your own business and getting others on board with you.

5. The Next Step

You may experience those growing pains that comes along with taking your business to the next level. It can be hard to know when you’re ready, but taking it step by step will allow you to reflect and lay all your options out in front of you. Being strategic in knowing what you have the capacity to do, and seeing what it will take to do all the other things you have planned will give you a good indicator to know what the next step will be. Be confident in your decisions, and there is no need to rush or jump into anything too quickly when it comes to growing your business.  

I think it comes full circle- going back to doing something you love. That’s where the passion is, that’s what gets you excited every day, and what brings you happiness. Taking a step back and reflecting on yourself & your business as a whole will give you new insight on where to go next. The women at Denver Startup Week and the topics we covered were a great reminder of the things that we all need to hear and express ourselves as women entrepreneurs.

Thank you to all the ladies at the Denver Startup Week to share your stories!

(Sirvo, Meet Mindful, Artifact Uprising, She EO, P2Binvestor, Kindara, Havenly, SaraBella Fishing, Goldilocks Gear, Guerilla Gravity, Onus iV Hydration & many more!)
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06 Oct 2015

A Siren’s Call: the story behind Siren Vid

It all started with an average girls night in the Winter of 2013. My girlfriends Kenya Brading, Megan Golliday and I were sharing a bottle of wine and were discussing our plans for starting a company together. We all shared the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to contribute to more meaningful content creation. Our career paths in casting at the time in was in need of a little shaking up, and the production of short format video content or promotional videos was our point of entry into the industry. We had also recognized how quickly videos were becoming a desirable marketing tool not only for major brands, but also small business and organizations.

While balancing our day jobs with our startup, we burned the midnight oil (so to speak), writing our business plan, researching the market, and setting up our branding & website. The name of the company took awhile to decide on, because knew how important it was and we wanted it to truly represent our values. Similar to many other industries, we believed the film industry was gravely in need of more diversity. The Sirens, from mythological folklore, are known to be temptuous mermaids that lure sailors to their demise in the depths of the ocean. We flipped this idea on it’s head, and translated it as a modern representation of fierce, empowered women, the types of women that should be making films! and thus Siren Vid was born.

We officially launched in May and hustled for 6 months to build a foundation solid enough to go full time. Over the last year, Siren Vid has evolved it’s services to cover the production of a variety of video types, including live-stream, motion graphics, and has created partnerships with various women’s networks within Boulder and Denver, always staying true to it’s roots.

So what’s next on the Horizon? We are participating in a creative movement to bring artistic video content to the foreground. Video is a powerful way to tell stories, connect & collaborate with others out there. We want to lead the conversation… talk about our experiences, our work, and our insights on the film industry, in hopes to transform the way that we create & share content.