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30 Nov 2015

Living in a World with Entrepreneurs: How Passion & Innovation can make an Impact!

Entrepreneurs are spread across the globe, with the same ideals and goals to improve different aspects of the world. We are fortunate enough to be located in a entrepreneurial hub in Boulder, Colorado where the town is buzzing with small businesses & startups. There is a great sense of empowerment being surrounded by the spirit, and motivation of other likeminded entrepreneurs.

When we combine the efforts & innovations of all of us, we can make great things happen. Reaching our efforts in all industries everything from technology, education, health, food, media… can reach a larger audience, thus making a bigger IMPACT than we could even begin to realize. Through meet ups, events, panels, and communities we are able to motivate and empower ourselves & others to not only improve different aspects of our lives, but create positive social change.

Social entrepreneurship should be a foundation for all businesses; integrated into our missions and values, as well as an extension to create products & services to benefit the well-being of others and our society overall. Entrepreneurs are leaders. We have the power and innovations to create opportunities and make positive changes. We all have to do our part, and it starts with coming together and recognizing what needs to happen next, what to look forward to on the horizon.

This past month we have focused on social entrepreneurship, gratitude & mindfulness. We celebrated with other entrepreneurs world wide for the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week where hundreds of cities participated in activities, events, etc. that connect self-starters, investors, and like-minded people together to examine policies necessary to promote entrepreneurial growth, and explore new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Not only were these events happening across the globe, but right here in Boulder. It was the 2nd annual NewCo event held in Boulder that invites the public to the most important founders and entrepreneurs headquarters in this area to talk about topics related to business, growth, cutting edge innovations, work environments, and much more.

Our takeaways:

1. Find your team. It’s important to surround yourself with people that are going to support, motivate & contribute to your company and the goals that you set together.

2. Work closely with your clients. Be transparent and open with the people that you work with. It’s here where you’re able to easily approach and overcome challenges, as well as the chance to create new opportunities for your company.

3. Find your creative inspiration. Find something that allows you to take a step back from your routine & see something in a different way. Whether it’s a place or thing that gives you that feeling, use it when you feel like you need a refresher.

We had a great time getting together with other amazing entrepreneurs in the area. We collaborated to pitch a creative campaign exercise at Godot Communications, chatted with the team at Anthem Branding on their creative style & processes, and joined all the attendees at Shine to celebrate being entrepreneurs. It goes to show when we come together, we can forge new ideas, relationships & make things happen.

This month continues to remind us of the great potential we all possess to create positive changes in the world. When we use our resources and do our part, we are able to empower & motivate others to accomplish high goals, set new standards, and create innovations that will have a huge impact. I believe we will see great changes in the coming future in all areas of our lives.


Photo: Garrhet Sampson via Unsplash

14 Oct 2015

Event Videography: Value of Short-Format & Long-Format Event Documentation

Major corporations and small businesses alike have seen the advantages of documenting events in video format. They are a great way to diversify your video marketing campaign, because variety is key when creating a content strategy plan. Event videography is a vast category and covers all types of events from the colossal week-long conferences to even the smaller events like a startup’s launch party or company’s team building event. There are 2 main types of  event videography: long and short format.

Long-format event videography is generally documenting the event in it’s entirety, recording from start to finish. This type of video is usually recorded with a multi-cam setup (two or more cameras) which creates more visual interest, compared to one camera with a static shot. Your audience is in it for the long-haul, since these videos are generally over an hour. These individuals are interested in learning about the topics being covered during the event because they were either not able to attend in person, or are interested in a refresher later down the road. The types of events are usually educational in nature (i.e. a panel discussion, seminar or presentation).

From an event planning standpoint, it’s a good idea to organize the discussion in sections. That way the production team can either edit chapters within one video based on subject matter, or create multiple videos based on subject that still cover the event in it’s entirety. The latter option- create more volume of video content that can be navigated by your audience more easily. We also recommend adding an Intro/Outro to the video and a motion graphic of the company’s logo for added production value, and that creates continuity between multiple videos.

In short-format event videography, the production team is creating a two-to-three minute reel capturing the essence and feeling of the event. This is achieved through filming more B Roll than A Roll throughout the course of the event. The crew is documenting the actions primarily; candid shots of people interacting and having fun. In post-production, the editor will intercut the event footage with testimonials from attendees and short sound bites from presentations within the event. Add fun and fresh music to give it a little zip!

This option is much more editing intensive, but the marketing value is high, for a couple different reasons: 1. You have more control over the brand tone, style and messaging and 2. Shorter videos are more shareable on social media & more people will learn how awesome your company culture is!

Check out a couple examples of our event videos below.

Short-format event video here: https://vimeo.com/105440424

Long-Format event video here: https://vimeo.com/137867640


Photo: Jo Jo via Unsplash

08 Oct 2015

5 Important Things to Remember for Women Entrepreneurs

“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion” -David Icke

This quote rings true in many aspects of my life, but sometimes it can be hard to grasp through the weekly grind of work. I think it’s important to reflect on your accomplishments & strifes, see what works & doesn’t, and really understand what it is you’re doing in this world. At the end of the day, it should be something that you love & that you are passionate about.

There were a lot of recurring and common themes that I gathered from our experience at Denver Startup Week, loving what you do being a very prevalent one. It makes a huge impact and determines a lot of things in the way you work & live your life. We heard a lot of great panels & met some pretty incredible people that have started or are in the same spot as we are.

However, the women highlighted panels we attended (Women Who Launch, Women Who Startup Summit & Women Makers in the Sporting World)… blew us away! They were chalk filled with awesome women who are doing it all, they gave some great insight that every entrepreneur should know.

1. Have Confidence

The old saying still stands true, confidence is key. I don’t know if that will ever be proven otherwise, because in any circumstance confidence can carry you a long way. It’s the ability to be able to carry yourself, speak up, express your ideas & emotions, and ask for things. It can feel a little uncomfortable or intimidating at first, but we’ve got to stop suppressing the idea that we can’t do it. We all have it in us. Displaying self-confidence is something we should be integrating into all aspects of our lives, it is an important part of the equation to success. Believing in ourselves & our abilities and being able to communicate that to others fuels our confidence to be able to accomplish anything we set our minds to.

2. Create your Ecosystem

Some call it balancing, while others have referred to it as congruence. We all know the feeling of being pulled in different directions; work and life being the oppositions. I look at it as an ecosystem- something that is both internal and physical & that depends on each part to work together. The key is to finding what works best for you. Knowing your strengths and limitations, goals and expectations, hopes and fears- I believe this leads you to creating your own ecosystem and being able to listen to yourself & knowing what makes you happy and how to achieve that.

3. Celebrate your Successes

We often get caught up in moving on to the next thing coming up, and we forget to celebrate our own successes. We shouldn’t be shy about expressing our excitement, it’s something we all deserve to feel good about. Whether it was reaching a new goal, or scoring a new project we should share these moments because it’s what pushes us to move further and do it again. Those successes all start to add up! AND it’s okay if there are mess ups along the way… guaranteed there will be. That’s also an opportunity to reflect on what works & doesn’t work, and get there the next time around!

4. Take the Plunge

Any business that I’ve known has started from that jumping off point and going all in. It’s following your passions and making that commitment to transform your idea into a business. There’s all the necessary risks to get to you that point, but it also comes with being prepared. Running your own business isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and energy to research and understand how you’re going to fit in. Knowing the ins and outs, nooks and crannies of the industry and aspects of running a business are essential to being successful. Grace, grit, humility are key components- you’ve got to have the confidence & knowledge, the hard work & determination, and the humbleness & curiosity to run your own business and getting others on board with you.

5. The Next Step

You may experience those growing pains that comes along with taking your business to the next level. It can be hard to know when you’re ready, but taking it step by step will allow you to reflect and lay all your options out in front of you. Being strategic in knowing what you have the capacity to do, and seeing what it will take to do all the other things you have planned will give you a good indicator to know what the next step will be. Be confident in your decisions, and there is no need to rush or jump into anything too quickly when it comes to growing your business.  

I think it comes full circle- going back to doing something you love. That’s where the passion is, that’s what gets you excited every day, and what brings you happiness. Taking a step back and reflecting on yourself & your business as a whole will give you new insight on where to go next. The women at Denver Startup Week and the topics we covered were a great reminder of the things that we all need to hear and express ourselves as women entrepreneurs.

Thank you to all the ladies at the Denver Startup Week to share your stories!

(Sirvo, Meet Mindful, Artifact Uprising, She EO, P2Binvestor, Kindara, Havenly, SaraBella Fishing, Goldilocks Gear, Guerilla Gravity, Onus iV Hydration & many more!)
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